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One of our most important activities is arranging flower show competitions for our members and for the enjoyment of the public. There are 3 shows in 2020:

Spring Mini Flower Show:  May 6, Columbus Centre during our monthly meeting.  Categories:  Spring Show

Summer Flower, Fruit, Vegetable & Photography Show: Saturday, August 8 (Tea 1:30 - 3:00 p.m.) at the Cobourg Library.  Categories:  Summer Show

Christmas Design, Photography & Craft Show:  December 2, Columbus Centre during our monthly meeting.  Categories:    Christmas Show

These Rules, Tips and Scoring apply to each of the three shows.



  • All  members submitting entries to any of the above shows are asked to print and complete an Exhibit Summary Sheet
  • Fill in your name, the type of show (Spring, Summer or Christmas) and the date of the show.
  • In the columns provided, record each Section (A , B, C, etc.) with a short description.
  • Do likewise for each Class (1, 2, 3, etc. with a short description) you are entering, along with the number of entries per Class.
  • Total the number of your entries at the bottom of the sheet and you’re done.

Bring the completed sheet to the show and hand it in to any of the Flower Show Committee members.

This Exhibit Summary Sheet will ensure that the Flower Show Committee doesn’t miss any exhibitor’s name from the points tally for all the shows in the year.